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Will Your Insurance Settlement Cover Your Smoke Damage?

Many Texas homeowners underestimate the severity of smoke damage, mistakenly thinking that a few days of airing out the home will be sufficient. Unfortunately, smoke can be extremely damaging and quite costly to recover from.

For example, did you know that smoke can get inside a home's ductwork? Were you aware that smoke can also be absorbed by wall and attic insulation? It can get into carpets and carpet pads? While your home may not look visibly damaged, a severely smoke damaged home could reek of smoke for years to come if the damage isn't repaired.

With smoke damage claims involving ductwork, insulation, carpets, and furnishings, remediation costs can quickly soar into the tens of thousands of dollars range. Consider this as you examine your insurance company's settlement offer. Is the offer enough?

No matter what you think about the offer, it's not a bad idea to have a public adjuster review it before you agree to it. With a free, no obligation claim review and potentially thousands of dollars at stake, there's no risk involved. Make sure your insurance settlement is large enough to recover from the Texas wildfires and resulting smoke damage by contacting us for a free claim review.