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Reduce Your Home's Smoke Damage Risk

The more you learn about smoke damage and its high repair costs, the more you realize that reducing your home's smoke damage risk is a smart move. Not counting house fires, common causes of smoke damage include: fireplaces, stoves and ovens, furnace "puff back," and smoke from nearby wildfires.

To reduce the risk of smoke damage from fireplaces, kitchen appliances, and furnaces, make sure to:

  • Schedule regular chimney sweeping services
  • Open your chimney flue whenever you use the fireplace
  • Do not use your fireplace if it regularly spews smoke into your home
  • Have your smoke-prone fireplace inspected and repaired
  • Install and use a kitchen hood
  • Have your furnace inspected and maintained each year

To reduce the risk of smoke damage for nearby wildfires:

  • Maintain a tightly sealed home by installing weather-stripping materials and caulking any leaks and cracks that could allow smoke to penetrate your home
  • Close all windows and doors, sealing any cracks or gaps with wet towels as needed
  • Use plastic sheets or bags to seal roof and attic vents, crawl space vents, and other larger potential entry points.
  • Close air conditioning registers or seal with plastic to protect the ductwork from smoke

These small steps may be sufficient to keep the smoke out. If you must evacuate in a hurry, your personal safety is far more important than sealing your home.