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Three Signs Your Magnolia Smoke Damage Claim Needs Professional Help

As you breathe a sigh of relief that your house was spared from the wildfires, your next breath delivers unsettling news: your house reeks of smoke. You wonder if it's temporary but you worry that it may never go away. After learning that smoke damage is covered by most homeowners insurance policies, you file a claim and feel reassured that everything will work out just fine. But will it? The following three signs indicate that your claim may need external help:

  • Your insurance claims adjuster doesn't take your concerns about the smell seriously. If your insurance adjuster doesn't smell the smoke or think it's as bothersome as you do, you could be in for a struggle. Smoke damage is difficult to quantify because it can be subjective. However, you have a right to a second opinion. If your insurance adjuster doesn't think the odor is worth claiming and fixing, get a second opinion. Ignoring the odor just because your adjuster doesn't think it's a problem could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.
  • The smell of smoke gets stronger when you run the air conditioner. This could be a sign that your home's ductwork was affected by the smoke. Removing smoke from ductwork is extremely difficult; it often requires replacing the ductwork and surrounding drywall. Similarly, if the odor becomes worse on windy days, smoke may have gotten into the wall insulation on the windward walls. The pressure of the wind releases smoke odor. The solution to this is removal and replacement of wall insulation and surrounding drywall.
  • You don't understand the insurance claim process. If you don't understand the claim process, you could be leaving thousands of dollars to chance. It's up to you to prove your losses. By letting a public adjuster take over, you don't need to worry about your lack of knowledge or receiving an insufficient settlement offer.

Any one of these three signs is reason enough to call a Magnolia public adjuster. If none of these signs are present, you still might want to consider doing so. There are never any upfront costs and you pay nothing if the public adjuster can't get you a settlement. With nothing to risk and much to gain, you can get the insurance claim help you need. Contact us today.