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Is it possible to "clean" smoke odor?

Smoke takes several forms including wet, dry, and protein smoke. Some odors dissipate relatively quickly with little interaction while others soak into building materials and furnishings. Professional smoke damage remediation may be necessary. In addition, if the smoke has gotten into insulation, carpets, or ductwork, you may need a contractor.

I live in Magnolia, Texas. Should I file an insurance claim for smoke damage?

If you suspect that your home has smoke damage, then yes, you should initiate a smoke damage claim and have a public adjuster review it. If the damage is extensive, you'll be glad you claimed it.

Why are smoke damage costs so high?

Smoke causes extensive damage to clothing, furnishings, and building materials. If the sooty residue and smoke odor cannot be removed, these items must be replaced. Imagine replacing all of your home's carpeting, drapes, and upholstered furniture! Imagine replacing all of the insulation in your home's exterior walls (and the drywall that covers it). Imagine replacing all of the clothes hanging in your closet. The list goes on, and all of these damaged goods are expensive to replace.

If I use a public insurance adjuster, will my insurance company adjuster become difficult to work with?

While we can't predict how any individual will act under a variety of circumstances, we haven't found that insurance adjusters are difficult to work with. In fact, many adjusters welcome our help and appreciate our thoroughness. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that the process is more collaborative than combative.